Aphros Vinho Verde


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Producer: Aphros
Vintage: 2016
Alcohol: 12%

Colour: Pale Yellow
Nose: Lemon, Tangerine

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Quinta do Casal do Paço, in Vasco Croft’s family since early 17th century, spreads over nearly 20 hectares of land and forests, four of which are vines and another four of chestnuts orchards. At its center stands a granite 16th century 2-storey manor house complete with chapel. The wine cellar on the first floor dates back to the origin of the house. While winemaking has always been at the main revenue stream of the Afros Estate, back in the early days, several other cultures thrived as well, such as cereals, beans, fruits and olives. In fact, up until the early seventies, tenant farmers worked their plots and lived in the Quinta’s rural houses, giving a percentage of their crops in return. Grapes were grown under ramadas, a sort of pergola to shade the crops which were planted on the outskirts of plots and along the paths, while cereals and vegetables were grown in the middle.

Aphros is perfectly situated on exceptional soil and gently sloping south-facing slopes within the Vinho Verde micro-climate. The site is rich in biodiversity, and receives a cool breeze from the Atlan-tic, bringing freshness to the wines. They farm biodynamically using natural and organic farming methods. Fermentation takes place in 60 clay amphorae lined with beeswax and the wine is aged on the lees in concrete vats.


Aphros Vinho Verde Loureiro is fresh, minerally, biodynamic – displays a variety of pleasant citrus fruits on the palate such as lemon and tangerine. Fruits, flowers and minerality are the keynotes within a delicate balance between sweetness and acidity on the palate.


Accompanies fish, grilled or baked, cod with cream, shellfish, sushi, salads and fruits.

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