Atlantis Albarino


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Producer: Bodegas Maetiera
Vintage: 2018
Alcohol: 12.5%

Colour: Yellow Straw
Nose: Green Apple
Palate: Tropical Fruits, Acidity

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The region of Galicia in northern Spain is an unusual place for viticulture, with its wet and windy weather and strong Atlantic influences. However, for several hundred years, Galicia was an important center of winemaking, and an extremely important center of trade, bringing lots of money to the region which further boosted its reputation, along with the quality and quantity of its wines. However, the 19th century saw a devastating economic collapse in Galicia, and all over the region, vineyards were left to ruin, and wineries closed. Thankfully, the past few decades have seen the region undergo a renaissance, and traditional, quintessentially Galician wines are once more being produced from fine grape varietals native to the region, including the delicate and aromatic Albarino Atlantis Albariño is located in the vineyards of Condado de Tea, very close to the river Miño. The soils are sandy with a granite base. The temperatures in the region are gentle. The abundance of rainfall is however constant.

Very intense and persistent aroma. Reminiscent of green apple and tropical fruits, such as pineapple and mango. Nicely textured with a long finish.

Excellent with most seafood – steamed mussels or clams

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