Bussoletti Ramici


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Producer: Leonardo Bussoletti
Vintage: 2015
Alcohol: 13.0%

Colour: Ruby
Nose: Blackberry Jam, Orange
Palate: Spice, Delicate Tannins

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Leonardo Bussoletti is in the vanguard of the Ciliegiolo revival, working with the University of Milan since 2009 to identify thirty different clones of this ancient variety and parent of Sangiovese, which he grafts via massal selection into his own vineyards in order to further his understanding. These organic vineyards have been inherited from family members and extend to nine hectares around Narni in the Umbrian province of Terni. The local clone, Ciliegiolo di Narni, is believed by some to be the true genesis of Ciliegiolo, rather than originating in Tuscany. There are records of it in Umbria since the 1200s, which would seem to support the view that it has a longer history in these parts than often assumed, but wherever it is grown – and it is now found all over Italy – it remains a little understood variety but capable of really gorgeous wines.


Ruby red colour with purple hues. Aromas of wild berry jam with a hint of red-orange, Mediterranean scrub and spices. Structured body, delicate tannins. Good balance between freshness and softness. Persistent finish with fruity returns.


Pasta with meat sauce, cured meats and medium-aged cheeses, roast meats

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