Chablis 1er Cru Mont De Milieu


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Producer: Domaine Fournillon
Vintage: 2021
Alcohol: 13%

Colour: Light Gold
Nose: Green Apple, Lemon
Palate: Lime Flower

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Located near Auxerre in the department of Yonne, the Chablis vineyards lie along a little river aptly named the Serein (“serene”). Vines began to growth here during the Romanera. In the 12th century, the Cistercian monks from the abbey of Pontigny developed its cultivation. The AOC Chablis Premier Cru status was created in January 1938, thus confirming the excellent qualities of this dry white wine which, unlike the wines of some other regions, has held its leading place throughout its history thanks to the high quality of its raw material – the Chardonnay grape.
The family-run Domaine is located in Bernouil, where a pre-phylloxera vine (producing the Chardon-nay grape) still exists, is now over 200 years old and which is called the “La Vigne de l’Empereur”. The wines they create come from vines which are situated on the best slopes of Chablis, Epineuil and Bernouil, and which are aged in their cellars.

The colour is rather light – pale gold or greeny-gold. The nose is very fresh, lively and mineral with flint, green apple, lemon, underbrush and field mushroom. Notes of lime-flower, mint, and acacia occur frequently, as do aromas of liquorice and freshly-cut hay. Age deepens the colour and adds a note of spice to the bouquet.

Good matches will include cooked oysters and fish in sauce, fine poultry or veal in white sauce, to small tripe sausages (andouillettes) and the burgundian specialty of snails (escargots)

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