Hugel Pinot Noir


Producer: Famille Hugel
Vintage: 2015
Alcohol: 13%

Colour: Light Ruby
Nose: Redcurrants, Cranberries
Palate: Raspberries, Smooth Tannin



The Parize have been making Burgundy for six generations. It was in 1946 that the GIVRY appellation became official. Gérard Parize replanted many plots and his son Laurent continued in this direction, being at the head of a farm of 8 hectares. Two grape varieties coexist depending on the exposure and the nature of the soil: 6 hectares are planted with Pinot noir à jus blanc and 2 hectares with Chardonnay for the white wines.

A lightly young and fresh colour with hints of claret red and ruby Its aromatic with hints of red fruit, cranberry, redcurrant, griotte cherry, hawthorn blossom, rose, wood-flowers and a touch of blond tobacco leaf associated with a nice youthful freshness. On the palate this is an elegantly structured red wine with a long-lasting flavour and pleasantly easy to drink, in spite of the slight smooth presence of tannin leading to a well-balanced and fruity after-taste.

Best served with most dishes: sweetmeats, sausages, cold-cuts, ham, grilled meat; and with grilled fish: salmon, smoked trout; white-meat: pork shoulder, roasted poultry, pot au feu, meat patés; or game: pheasant, haunch of lamb.

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