Rothko Rose


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Producer: Holden Manz
Vintage: 2019
Alcohol: 12.5%

Colour: Pale Pink
Nose: Rose Petals
Palate: Raspberry, Cream

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Situated within an array of Franschhoek wine farms at the top of the Franschhoek valley, Holden Manz wine estate is dominated by the spectacular mountains which stand guard over the scenic vineyards below. The wine farm lies between Franschhoek and the Stony Brook rivers. This 22-hectare winery benefits from wonderfully fertile, dark loam soils and state-of-the-art winemaking. The Franschhoek Valley is one of the main destinations in the world for fine wine, with farms dotted around the beauti-ful and quaint village of Franschhoek. There are no fewer than forty stately farms that form part of some of the top fine wines produced not only in SA, but right across the globe. Holden Manz wine farm will leave you breathless when you set your eyes on this astounding setting, with the awe-inspiring mountains overshadowing the farm in the valley below. The family estate is set on 22ha, which is perfect to nurture and grow fine vines, with the focus being on minimising the use of chemicals in order to conserve the environment.


Crystal clear, bright with a pale rose gold hue. Delicate, floral perfumed rose petals. Cerise blanches and grapefruit. Generous, crisp, full mouth feel. Smooth, creamy elegant wine with tonnes of finesse and a long finish.


Best drunk with friends whilst enjoying nature’s magnificence but if necessary freshly shucked salty oysters should do the trick!!

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