Welcome to our Wine Bar in the heart of Guildford.

You can book an evening in the bar and choose from a vast selection of wines from around the World. You can also accompany your wine with our delicious selection of Corkage cheese and meats.

A perfect evening.

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Wine available by the glass

We have a specially selected range of red, white, rose and sparkling wines which are available by the glass. These cover many grape varieties for wines sourced from vineyards around the World.  A great selection for any occasion.

We are a small venue offering the perfect ambience to drink excellent wine with friends and colleagues.  However, we do advise any customers wishing to visit us in the evenings to contact us in advance to check availability. Either contact us direct or complete our booking form below:

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Meet our Enomatic Wine Dispenser

We offer 8 wines perfectly offered in our world-leading Enomatic wine dispenser. Enomatic is the best there is for wine serving technology. It serves and preserves wine beautifully, allowing every glass to be dispensed as if the bottle had been opened and prepared just for that moment. This system gives everyone the chance to taste premium wines by the glass.

Corkage Enomatic Wine Dispenser
Corkage Coravin Wine Dispenser

Meet our Coravin Wine Dispenser

We also offer two wines dispensed by the glass using our top-of-the-range Coravin Wine Dispenser. It allows us to offer two exceptional wines, any time without ever pulling the corks. Whether you want a sip to decide, a glass, or more, your last glass will taste just as great as the first.

Our wine dispensers give our customers the freedom to explore wines by the glass without needing to purchase the whole bottle and to keep our beautiful wines in perfect condition for the next glass.  We change our wines regularly so our customers get to sample an excellent range of wines. If you really love a particular wine (and we are certain you will), then this is a great way to decide before purchasing a bottle for that special occasion or simply because you must take it home.

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Some of our Wines by the Glass

(please note that our wine lists are subject to change due to seasonal changes, demand, and availability)


Country Grape 125ml 175ml 250ml Carafe
Argentina Malbec
Sottano, Mendoza 2018
£5.75 £7.40 £9.85 £16.50
Germany Pinot Noir
Spatburgunder, Hanewald Schwerdt 2017
£6.05 £8.00 £10.65 £17.60
France Cabernet Franc
Saumur, Les Salices, 2018
£6.25 £8.40 £11.20 £18.50
Spain Tempranillo
Rioja Reserva, Seda Vermella, 2010
£6.65 £8.95 £11.95 £19.55
USA Merlot
KJ Vintners Reserve, Sonoma, 2013
£6.95 £9.90 £13.00 £21.75


Country Grape 125ml 175ml 250ml Carafe
Greece Assyrtiko
Diamantakis 2018
£5.75 £7.50 £10.00 £16.50
Italy Cortese
Gavi La Fornace, 2018
£6.05 £7.85 £10.50 £17.35
New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc
Petit Clos, 2017
£6.25 £8.45 £11.20 £18.50
Argentina Torrontes
Susanna Balbo, 2017
£6.45 £9.10 £12.15 £19.45
Spain Albarino
Terras Gauda O Rosal, 2018
£6.75 £9.35 £12.50 £20.00


Country Grape 125ml 175ml 250ml Carafe
France Grenache
Chateau d’Ollieres, Provence, 2018
£6.15 £8.10 £10.75 £17.50


Country Grape 125ml
Italy Glera
Prosecco Solicum, Veneto, NV
England Pinot Noir/Rondo
Pewley Downs, Guildford, 2015
France Pinot Noir/Chardonnay
Champagne Delavenne, Grand Cru, NV
England Pinot Noir/Pinot Meunier/Chardonnay
Black Chalk Classic, Hattingley Valley, NV
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Corkage Food – Small Plates

Why not accompany the perfect wine with a selection of delicious cheese and meats.

Please see our current range below.

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Description Price
Snackling – Oven Roasted Crackling (35g)
(available in ‘Smoked Bacon’ or ‘Red Apple Flavours’)
Almonds – Oven Baked Cornish Sea Salted (35g) £1.50
Peanuts – Oven Baked Cornish Sea Salted (35g) £1.00

Sharing Plates

Description Amount Price
Bread & Olives £3.95
Selection of 4 English Cured Meats *
Served with bread and cornichons
Selection of 4 English Cheeses **
Served with crackers & chutney/balsamic onions
Antipasti Selection
2x charcuterie, 2x cheese, olives, stuffed vine leaves/peppers, borretone onions, sundried tomatoes
Pork Rillettes
Served with bread & cornichons
(110g) £9.95
Chicken Rillettes with Lemon Oil & Cracked Pepper
Served with bread
(110g) £9.95
Salmon Pâté with Lemon
Served with bread
(110g) £9.95
Mushroom Pâté with Chilli & Coriander
Served with bread
(110g) £9.95
Foie Gras Entier
Served with bread and crackers
(180g) £39.50

* Please note all our meats are gluten free
**Please note all our cheeses are pasteurised
Gluten-free crackers are available on request

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